In the past several years, co-working spaces have gained popularity as they proven to be instrumental in increasing one’s productivity and the work output. Freelancers have started replacing their home offices with co-working offices, where they have the opportunity to meet other people like them and share information regarding the business. For those who still have doubts about co-working spaces and if they are good or not for your business, doubt no more, for here are the reasons why you should start using co-working spaces.

Connect and expand the network

To start you off, you have to understand the power of connections and networking between businessmen. By meeting a Fellow freelancer, you exchange information and offer services to each other. And who knows, maybe one day he or she will come to you asking for help, or hook you up with someone who needs the services you offer. Business opportunities increase significantly from the moment you enter a co-working space. The bottom line is that all co-working spaces host networking events on a regular basis, which will provide an opportunity for you to connect with similar-minded people and entrepreneurs that might need your services.

Free promotion

Once you sign up for your monthly or annual membership, not only do you get free access to the co-working office space, but you also get free promotion. This means that you or your brand will get promoted and free marketing is the best marketing. Your exposure to potential clients will increase, even to those beyond your reach. Your brand, services and all relevant information will be listed on their website under the member’s directory, as well as written on a cork board or recorded in a video. If you’re up for some free marketing, visit a shared coworking office space  and enjoy all of its benefits.

Your business gets a physical address

Some people don’t understand how important it is to be listed and have a physical address you can use for your business. Namely, this is the first step towards improving your SEO and your overall marketing strategies. In order to get listed on Google My Business and get into Google Maps, you have to have a physical address for your company, and joining a co-working space provides you with one. It is much better to have people come to the co-working office than to have random strangers appear at your doorstep.

Host or speak at an event

Co-working spaces are known to host events every now and then and give the opportunity to their qualified members to become a host or a guest speaker at these events. This is a great way for you to promote your business and talk about it, give people an insight in what you do and what services you offer. Not only that, but the co-working space will also promote you and your business when advertising the event, making sure that people who attend have a heads up on what is happening. You will get free exposure, social media impact and people will talk about it. And we already said before, the best marketing is free marketing.

There are numerous benefits of co-working spaces, and if you haven’t joined one already, you should consider doing it. It will definitely help you grow and expand your business, as well as improve your business network and establish your brand.

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