Given how significant a commitment purchasing a home is, it is understandable that buyers can be a little choosy. In time, the buyers’ expectations shifted and expanded, and their desires grew much beyond a posh kitchen with a granite countertop. They are looking for homes today that have evolved alongside them and have all they require to satisfy their demands. Even more particular requirements are a result of the fact that Millennials account for about 30% of all consumers. To sell their homes at the desired price, the sellers must be willing to make improvements to the properties they list.


Employed home purchasers do not have time to deal with high-maintenance house features due to the average work week being between 30 and 50 hours. It is possible to work up to 70 hours each week because some occupations even need constant availability. They prioritize low-maintenance items because of this. So, it makes sense that, for example, wall-to-wall carpeting is not an option. They might be drawn to low-maintenance elements like granite countertops with a pattern that helps hide scratches, wooden or stone floors, etc.

Open Concept

One of the key elements that will affect the perspectives for sale, other than the price, is the open concept. Perhaps older buyers will accept it, but the Millennial age will insist on a connected kitchen, dining area, and living room that functions as one enormous party space. The formality of dinner parties has grown into a vast “get-together zone” in these new types of homes.

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Office at home

Working from home is becoming more and more commonplace, to the point that the idea of using a laptop while lounging on the couch has been exceeded and home buyers are now content with nothing less than a home office. It might be a modified nook in the living room or bedroom, or it might be a totally distinct area.


For the benefit of the environment and their budgets, millennials are leading the “green revolution” and want their homes to be energy-efficient. Insulation and double-glazed windows are a couple of the elements that may appeal to this new generation of purchasers. Also, they will look for cooling systems and appliances with the Energy Star label. The use of multiple inexpensive and efficient ceiling fans throughout the house helps the cool air circulate more easily while using the least amount of energy possible. Air conditioning is not sufficient on its own to reduce energy consumption.

Smart Elements

Home buyers from the sophisticated tech generation are looking for properties that accommodate their demands and routines. Several of them are really inexpensive (such as the smart thermostat), but they can leave a great first impression on prospective home buyers. These demands appear to be on the rise in the next years. In fact, according to a Coldwell Banker Real Estate poll, nearly two-thirds of the brokers believe that buyers are more interested in homes with tech and smart features now than they were two to five years ago. Smart kitchen appliances, a smart thermostat, smart lighting, a smart security system, a smart lock, and a smart entertainment system are a few of the things that purchasers would be happy to see.

Cleaning Room

The National Association of Realtors reports that purchasers always prefer extra storage space, and that more than 90% of them view a separate laundry room as a deciding factor in their decision to buy a property. The laundry room provides extra storage space in addition to the convenience of having the washer and dryer in one location that is out of the way. To achieve a solid deal and higher price before listing their home, sellers can think about investing in converting any spare space into a laundry room.

We are dealing with a new generation of picky and difficult house purchasers, but is it really fair to blame them? Purchasing a home is frequently a decision that must be made with no second-guessing. Hence, sellers should modify their properties to the preferences of purchasers rather than whining about their pickiness. Someone else will if you don’t.


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